July 22, 2014 07:00 UTC

C6 Intelligence Announces Purchase of Pneuron Distributed Analytics Platform for Creation of Next-Generation Fraud and Identity Theft Solutions

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pneuron Corporation, the pioneer of the distributed solutions category, today announced C6 Intelligence has licensed Pneuron’s Distributed Platform for the design, development and deployment of next generation B2B and B2C global risk and fraud solutions.

The implementation will enable C6 to access thousands of different data sources around the world to help their customers understand their vulnerability to the increasingly troubling threats of identity theft, brand protection and money laundering. In the United States alone, it is expected 15 million individuals will have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion. In the United Kingdom, the number has reached 4 million, with losses per individual reaching up to £9,000. Fraud is traditionally identified when it has happened or is in the process of happening. Therefore, it is critical that individuals and companies are alerted to potential risk as early as possible so that they maximize loss prevention.

Using Pneuron, C6 will be able to identify, notify and interdict fraudulent activities much earlier in the lifecycle than any current industry process. The company will now be able to focus its resources on the various events that potentially trigger criminal activity. Examples include, when an identity is stolen, when that identity moves or is for sale in the “dark web.”

“Identity theft and resulting fraud will impact every one of us over the next decade. With the digitization of the retail market and social media, industrial-level fraud has shifted to focus on the consumer. We want our customers to understand an exposure, have time to act much earlier and avoid the stress caused by having to rectify stolen and illegally used credentials. We can only win the battle against criminal fraud with the powerful, distributed intelligence gathering and analysis that C6 and Pneuron together provide,” said Darren Innes, CEO of C6. “C6 combined with Pneuron’s unique abilities will be at the forefront of that battle.”

“Addressing fraud and identity theft with C6 is a great use case for Pneuron. Fraud represents a complex business problem that has long been considered insurmountable due to constantly changing data types, criminal techniques and accelerating timelines. With Pneuron, C6 has the ability to design, build and deploy uniquely powerful analysis and interdiction tools across constantly changing technology environments, without the traditional costs and risks of systems integration, infrastructure and manual resources,” said Simon Moss, CEO of Pneuron. “It is a game changer for this market and hopefully just in time given the growing magnitude of fraud and identity theft in the enterprise and consumer markets. Many thanks for C6 for an opportunity to work with them in such an exciting market opportunity.”

About C6 Intelligence

C6 Intelligence Group supplies up to the minute risk intelligence on individuals, companies and geographical locations. Covering PEP’s, Sanctions and Adverse media. We also produce a series of different EDD reports. Our latest offering “C6 Fraud” is a unique global database of stolen identities, which are actively being traded over the dark web with the sole purpose of defrauding individuals and companies. The data acquired through human intelligence rather than automated processes comprises of emails, passwords, bank account details and other highly sensitive data. We provide this data for the sole purpose of preventing identity theft, minimising losses to both individuals and organisations alike. For more information, visit us online at: C6-intelligence.com or LinkedIn.

About Pneuron

Pneuron Corporation enables organizations to rapidly solve business problems through a groundbreaking, distributed approach that cuts across data, applications and processes. By targeting the right information at the data source, companies are no longer faced with the complex integration and infrastructure requirements of traditional approaches. Pneuron’s innovative Distributed Solutions Platform enables customers to accelerate business value and develop reports, products and applications in half the time and cost of traditional methods. Its distributed approach is non-invasive, technology-agnostic and leverages an organization’s existing infrastructure, avoiding the deployment risks and IT concerns that are prevalent in today’s centralized data projects. For more information, visit us online at: Pneuron.com, on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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