June 18, 2014 07:34 UTC

EVERISING MACHINE Announces Launch of the Latest Solutions

TAICHUNG, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Comparing to traditional models, the structure of sawing machines nowadays are much more complex. The main reason is the evolution of material. In order to deal with some stiff and hard-wearing material, the technique of cutting needs further break through. With carbide tungsten cutting tools, EVERISING sawing machines are able to achieve cutting edge technology which can’t be reached decades ago, and it can upgrade its process efficiency effectively. Moreover, with precise tools, the accuracy of process can also be elevated.

EVERISING is continuing to develop new type machine. The new E-series, it can fully meet the requirements of "speed, economy, accuracy", into the new cutting territory. The remarkable feature of the saw offers good cutting performances and absolute reliability. The saw with high rigid double column guide and more drive unit giver higher cutting rate with less vibration even cutting hard material. It is setting by HMI for cutting data input and self-diagnosis system, easy and quick for operation. Also, auto trim cut and back gauge function for remnant cut.

E-series, it has the advantages of fast cutting, easy and safe operation, low material waste, low power consumption, energy saving, long blade life and low maintenance costs, can be widely applied to many different materials, it is also with stability, high productivity, high accuracy of cutting performance. Therefore, the development of sawing machine is even more important in the high precision requirements of the new industrial age.


EVERISING has been specializing in large sized band saws since 1983. Throughout the years the priorities of “high quality, innovation and leading technology” have guided the company through sustained growth. During this growth the company has enjoyed continuous affirmation of their quality in the form of CE certification in 1994, ISO 9001 from 1995. "Everising-To Quality", we are demonstrating our commitment to better quality, service and products with reasonable and competitive prices to help our customers work towards the goal of a better future.


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Source: Everising Machine Co.