June 17, 2014 12:00 UTC

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Sports Promoter M-1 Global Taps Axel Technologies and Octoshape to Power International Growth

End-to-end OTT/IPTV platform enables M-1 to deliver high quality, live and VOD assets globally

PHOENIX--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based streaming technology, announced today that M-1 Global, a leading sports promoter headquartered in the Netherlands, has selected an end-to-end OTT/IPTV solution from Axel Technologies and Octoshape.

M-1’s quest is to expand the global visibility of the MMA sporting category, and drive greater collaboration and harmonization among their industry peers. In addition, due to the fact that M-1 viewers are located around the world, the group recognized that a direct relationship between the promoters and its fan base would help to increase awareness, customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue. M-1 needed a complete solution that would support their strategy. Delivering an optimal and integrated live and on-demand multi-screen viewing experience will be part of building a direct relationship with the fan base.

“The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and now rivals both boxing and professional wrestling,” said Vadim Finkelchtein, CEO and owner of M-1 Global. “Our intention is to continue to propel the visibility of the sport forward, and thanks to our partnership with Axel and Octoshape, we can now offer fans even greater access and more viewing options.”

M-1 Global is the perfect example of the new monetization opportunities multiscreen OTT video technology by Fuugo Platform and Octoshape enable for content owners,” said Petri Kalske, CEO of Axel Technologies. “Our goal is to always meet our customers’ higher quality, more innovative user experience and faster time-to-market requirements. Combined, Axel and Octoshape offer best-in-breed technologies and a nimbleness in culture that enable us to exceed those expectations.”

“M-1 Global is another marquee customer for Octoshape,” said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. “We see the momentum increasing, given our unique ability to deliver the highest quality multi-screen video in the region. Customers are very excited in our combined ability with Axel Technologies’ Fuugo Platform to offer a complete OTT solution, with a very fast time to market.”

Octoshape’s technologies are adopted by some of the largest broadcasters, technology and service providers in the world, enabling them with OTT/IPTV and TV Everywhere services at the highest possible quality and scale. Octoshape’s Infinite HD™ platform is a differentiated platform that enables the evolution of broadcast TV to global, cloud-based broadband TV.

Fuugo is a cutting edge OTT platform and management system from Axel Technologies that provides a cloud-based, real time configuration capability, enabling fast reaction time in a turbulent OTT landscape. Together, Infinite HD™ and the Fuugo platform provide an end-to-end OTT solution for operators, OTT/IPTV service providers and premium content owners, enabling them with the ability to reach millions of device-connected subscribers worldwide.

About Octoshape

Streaming media innovator Octoshape is bridging the transition from Broadcast TV to Broadband TV by providing the enabling technology required to bring TV Quality, TV Scale and TV Economics to the public Internet. The Octoshape approach is more scalable, flexible and affordable than traditional content delivery (CDN) schemes, while providing feature-rich, high-quality viewing to the largest of audiences. For more information visit www.octoshape.com.

About Axel Technologies

Axel Technologies is a forerunner of TV and video software, and the inventor of Fuugo Platform. Fuugo is providing customer-oriented app creation based on Fuugo Application Framework and an easy-to-use backend system with real time control and reconfiguration capabilities. Fuugo Platform enables fast time to market and unique lifetime flexibility for next-generation video OTT services. For more information visit www.axel.fi or www.fuugo.tv/platform.


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