June 10, 2014 13:00 UTC

Kroll Ontrack Launches New ediscovery Data Center in Germany and Onsite ediscovery Solution

Local ediscovery data processing solutions give companies more flexibility to process their data anywhere

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Kroll Ontrack, the leading global provider of ediscovery and data recovery products and services, today announced that its new ediscovery data center in Germany is fully operational.

The launch coincides with the development of www.ediscovery.com/eu – a new online resource that provides up-to-date information about ediscovery developments in Europe – and with the release of ediscovery.com Onsite, a portable, self-contained ediscovery solution.

With the ability to process and host data for ediscovery either in country at Kroll Ontrack’s data center or at their own premises behind their own firewalls in other countries, European companies now have the flexibility, control and security they need to successfully manage their electronic evidence and ediscovery obligations.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients globally, we are responding to the need to carry out ediscovery locally,” said Tim Phillips, managing director of Kroll Ontrack International Legal Technologies. “Many of our European clients are part of global operations, but privacy and data protection laws make it critical for them to rely on local ediscovery solutions to respond to legal demands for data in litigation and investigations. We have reacted by providing an in-country solution in Germany and an onsite solution that can be rapidly deployed to other countries.”

“Ediscovery technologies are being used in a wide range of legal cases in Europe to carry out extensive e-searches across company data even when there are no formal discovery requirements,” said Phillips. “In Germany, Kroll Ontrack’s innovative ediscovery technologies give clients a real strategic advantage in internal and regulatory investigations and in both domestic and international litigation. Our German clients can now comply more easily with data protection laws, protect the confidentiality of their data themselves when they need to and benefit from the convenience that comes from engaging with us locally.”

German Data Center
Kroll Ontrack operates state-of-the-art data centers around the globe in the UK, the US, Japan and now Germany, and manages over 20 petabytes of active data storage on behalf of clients.

The new data center in Frankfurt offers not only extensive security but also operational excellence for mission-critical applications such as ediscovery. Through this new data center, companies and law firms in Europe will be able to access Kroll Ontrack’s ediscovery technology in Germany, including data processing and filtering technology and a document review tool that can be used at all stages of a case with intelligent technology built in to control data volumes and cost.

Ediscovery.com Onsite
For cases involving data that is highly sensitive or subject to stringent privacy regulations or where clients wish to control their own data, Kroll Ontrack can install ediscovery.com Onsite, a self-contained ediscovery solution. This portable solution can be rapidly deployed and installed in country at any location. Kroll Ontrack sets up the solution, including both hardware and software, and ediscovery projects are processed onsite, with technical management of the solution conducted by Kroll Ontrack either onsite or remotely.

“With ediscovery.com Onsite, you can take the cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise of Kroll Ontrack anywhere, enabling you to conduct full ediscovery at your premises, with complete security and control over your data,” said Andrew Szczech, director of Legal Technologies Services, Kroll Ontrack.

“Handling electronic evidence is a real challenge for companies in Germany,” said Dr. Michael Rath, partner at Luther Rechtsanwälte, Germany. “Not only do they have to handle a vast volume of company data that often needs to be interrogated, but also comply with complex data protection and privacy laws, which restrict the international transfer of personal information. Technology solutions play an essential role in navigating these stormy waters. In-country and onsite data processing options for Germany are greatly welcomed and will undoubtedly reduce risk and cost for our clients in domestic and international investigations and litigation.”

For more information on Kroll Ontrack and its products and services, visit www.ediscovery.com.

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