June 3, 2014 09:15 UTC

Canto Launches SaaS Solution Flight

Canto has added to its portfolio of digital asset management software solutions with a completely new product to simplify the way marketing teams store, organize and share digital content.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Canto, a leading provider of digital asset management software and services, today announced the launch of Canto Flight, a new cloud-based system to intelligently handle growing volumes of rich media files. Flight, based on the three core values of simplicity, beauty and enterprise strength, combines digital asset management best practices with the intuitiveness of typical consumer applications – allowing customers to store, capture metadata, sort, filter and share visual content quickly and easily.

Flight by Canto simplifies online storage and sharing of important business files (Photo: Business W ...

Flight by Canto simplifies online storage and sharing of important business files (Photo: Business Wire)

“Marketing and creative teams love the convenience afforded by today’s file sharing tools, yet many companies are outgrowing the processes they’ve established around such systems to handle their ever-expanding digital libraries,” stated Leslie Weller, Marketing Director at Canto. “To address this need, we developed Flight, a simple, yet far more intelligent way to store, find and share rich media files. We’ve taken our deep digital asset management expertise and created a whole new experience for customers to interact with their valuable digital content.”

Engineered to minimize clicks and get customers to their branded assets faster, Flight is visually stunning to browse as an image and video library with various thumbnail sizes, full screen previews and multi-format video playback capabilities. Upon upload, Flight offers single click access to smartalbums that automatically assign all images, videos, audio files, presentations and documents into their respective content groupings. Users can also mark any file as a “Favorite” to access frequently used content at any time with a single-tap and collaboration is enabled through Flight’s commenting feature.

Jack McGannon, Canto CEO, added, “Flight was developed for the increasing number of organizations looking to access applications in the cloud rather than deploy on their own infrastructure. With its cloud, social and mobile focus, it is a terrific complement to our long-proven Cumulus solutions. We believe the addition of Flight allows us to offer a full range of digital asset management options to our customers, with solutions tailored uniquely to their specific deployment and workflow requirements.”

Features available in this first version of Flight include: keywords to maintain a controlled vocabulary, tags for users to add freeform labels, descriptions, commenting, metadata ingestion, sorting, filtering, search, folders and albums for hierarchical structuring of content, sharing via email and Dropbox with associated expiration dates on shared links. Flight also boasts the ability to easily brand the platform to give Canto’s customers and their audiences a familiar look and feel when browsing or downloading shared content, as well as an iPad app.

Flight runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and is now available directly from Canto on a subscription basis, with an Economy bundle package starting at USD $6,000 per year.

Visit flight.canto.com to learn more.

Webinar Canto Flight Live Demo on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Flight blog post from Canto CEO

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Flight by Canto simplifies online storage and sharing of important business files (Photo: Business Wire)

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