June 2, 2014 15:00 UTC

Miraishonen Launches Cycro β, a Chat App That Works without Internet Connection

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Miraishonen, a mobile apps developer headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo (http://miraishonen.co.jp), launches Cycro β, a chat app that does not require Internet connection, on June 16.

About Cycro β (http://cycro.me):
Cycro β is a chat app that allows mobile phone users to exchange messages with other users within 10 meters range via Bluetooth connection. It does not require 3G, LTE or Wi-Fi connection, and available in both iOS and Android platforms. Users of Cycro β belong to a special network, through which the messages are delivered to the recipients. Cycro β offers text and voice chat functions.

Compared with other apps that offer communication via Bluetooth, Cycro β is more innovative because it offers a long distance message exchange via Bluetooth, realized by relaying messages from device to device, which would be the world’s first implementation of such communication. When Cycro β starts the service, relaying function is to be implemented only for Android devices, and will be soon implemented for iOS devices. With this function, users can exchange chat messages even where the Internet is not available by natural disasters or other reasons.

The relaying network, which works without mobile base stations, would be enhanced as the number of the users increases and would be the future base for another innovative app or service to be developed.

Because the message exchange at Cycro β is done by direct transmission between devices and is separate from the Internet, the communication at Cycro β will involve significantly smaller risk than that at the Internet. Cycro β is expected to be utilized at confidential communication such as in-house communication at businesses.

Miraishonen is now developing new communication tools utilizing Cycro technology, and plans to extend its services globally, mainly targeting North America, from September 2014. It considers Cycro β as an experimental base of new communication tools, and will continuously conduct research on the actual usage of Bluetooth communication.

Cycro β:
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Source: Miraishonen, Inc.