May 29, 2014 08:47 UTC

Kaohsiung to Add Marinas after Boat Show to Drive Wave of Maritime Recreation

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Director Lai Jui Lung of the Kaohsiung City Marine Bureau said since the 2014 Taiwan International Boat Show has not only attracted more than 2,500 foreign buyers and over 70,000 visitors to appreciate 60 yachts worth NT$7 billion on display at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, but also driven the wave of maritime recreational activities, local businesses have decided to lease space in the Port of Kaohsiung to build yacht marinas and the Kaohsiung City Government is planning to build rest and leisure facilities in Singda Harbor (興達港).

Lai noted that although yacht leisure activities belong to a high consumption industry, they are not exclusive to rich people. For instance, the boat show has attracted many domestic small and medium business owners and some of them have even placed orders to buy simple yachts, and several yacht manufacturers are negotiating with Taiwan International Ports Corporation for leasing pier space to build more yacht marinas in response to increased demand for yachts, demonstrating that the boat show has driven the wave of maritime recreational activities.

The director said the north and south sides of Pier 22 in the Port of Kaohsiung are suitable for businesses to plan the building of yacht marinas. The Kaohsiung City Government, together with Fisheries Agency under the Council of Agriculture, are planning to establish a maritime leisure zone with yacht marinas in Singda Harbor. Since the Taiwan International Boat Show has not only amazed the general public but also satisfied yacht businesses, the Kaohsiung City Government and the yacht industry are now discussing whether the boat show should be held annually or biennially in the future. The yacht industry wants to seize the opportunity when still enjoying advantages in the international market and the city government hopes to continue promoting maritime leisure activities to assist Taiwan’s yacht industry, added Lai.

Chairman John Lu of Taiwan Yacht Industry Association indicated that together with the yacht leisure industry, the output value of yacht manufacturing and related industries is expected to be doubled in the future, so Kaohsiung City Shipping Co. and five other major domestic yacht and shipping companies cooperated in organizing sightseeing trips for visitors to watch the boat show aboard a yacht, hoping to successfully begin new business for the yacht industry.


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Source: Kaohsiung City Government