April 16, 2014 12:00 UTC

WHITE PAPER: Oncam Technologies' OnVu360 – Cloud-based Computing, Local Data Gathering and Analytics Combine on a New, Singular Platform for the Remote Management of Business

LOWELL, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A new Technology Report from SourceSecurity.com presents an in-depth view of the new technology platform from Oncam Technologies, the OnVu360 Platform, and how it uses cloud-based computing and automated on-site data collection with analytics to help businesses with remote monitoring and management.

Unlike traditional localized solutions, the system makes use of a central-server architecture that transfers all the core system functions to an offsite location. This includes, for example, IP video recording and playback, analytics processing, user- and device-management and control, notifications system and web server and web services for customized application development.

The OnVu360 Platform uses backend services to deploy custom applications by using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Upgrades to the applications and services are automatic, and scalable to the client and their specific needs.

The gateway software serves as the “brain” of each remote location. The main value lies in its ability to connect to remote services without the need for any router or network configuration. Once it is plugged into a wired or mobile connection, the capabilities of the OnVu360 Platform are available immediately.

The gateway software runs on any Linux or Windows Embedded Device, such as a hardware gateway, a set-top box or a camera, and it provides a secure connection to the OnVu360 backend servers. The gateway enables full control of all remote devices from any location.

The OnVu360 Platform solutions are scalable, future-proof, and provide a full-featured system with minimal setup. Examples of OnVu360 platform solutions are myriad and will evolve as users’ needs dictate. They now include:

  • Remote Video Management System
  • Business Intelligence over 360-degree or NFV IP Cameras
  • Smart device/Energy Management
  • Zwave-/Zigbee-based systems with video or audio
  • Multi-site management of services and devices.

For a deep dive into this noteworthy technology platform, please download the white paper here: http://www.oncamtech.com/storage/downloads/2014-03-SourceSecurityWhitePaper.pdf

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