April 16, 2014 09:50 UTC

Beliebers vs Believers – SocialBro Reveals Secrets of the Pope’s Twitter Success

LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- One is the leader of a world religion, the other a singer with an immensely loyal fanbase. Each has tens of millions of online believers and ‘beliebers’ but Pope Francis can teach businesses more than Justin Bieber about getting the most out of Twitter.

SocialBro, the Twitter analytics and management platform, compared the accounts of Bieber (@JustinBieber) and Pope Francis (@Pontifex) for a new eBook that gives pointers from the Pontiff about using Twitter to greatest effect.

While Pope Francis has only sent around 300 tweets since being elected in March 2013, he has won more than 12 million followers. This compares with Justin Bieber’s 26,000 tweets, the majority of which are self-promotional.

The Pope is also considered to be more influential than Barack Obama thanks to the overall reach of his tweets. Although the US President has four times as many followers as Pope Francis, Obama’s tweets are re-tweeted on average 2,300 times while the Pope’s Spanish-language tweets are re-tweeted an average of 11,100 times.

According to SocialBro’s CEO, Javier Burón, “the secret of Pope Francis’s success lies in offering insight and words to live by.” While many have a religious angle, often they represent ideas that resonate with those who don’t identify with being Roman Catholic. For example, on 3 April, @Pontifex tweeted: “May we never get used to the poverty and decay around us. A Christian must act.”

Burón adds that tweeting regularly has helped Pope Francis to increase his followers:

“Although Pope Benedict XVI was the first Pope to establish a Twitter account, his tweeting was sporadic at best. Pope Francis, on the other hand, tweets on a regular basis, normally at least once a day.”

He continues: “Conservatives in the church may have initially questioned the use of social media by the Papacy, but Pope Francis’ belief that a multi-faceted digital profile, including Twitter, is required to reach the young people who represent the future of the church, is clearly bearing fruit.”

SocialBro is an advanced cloud solution for the management and analysis of Twitter communities. It enables Twitter for businesses, helping companies to better engage with their audience and increase their communities’ growth qualitatively.

SocialBro’s eBook, ‘10 Pointers from the Pontiff’ can be downloaded free on SlideShare.



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