March 24, 2014 16:30 UTC

IntegraGen and Gustave Roussy Announce the Set-up of a High-Throughput Clinical Sequencing Unit

This Sequencing Unit will be operated by IntegraGen within Gustave Roussy and will identify somatic genetic alterations within the whole exome of a patient’s tumor permitting personalized cancer treatments.

VILLEJUIF & EVRY, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IntegraGen, a leading player in the development and marketing of molecular diagnostic testing in oncology and autism and Gustave Roussy, Europe’s leading oncology center, today announced the creation of the first high-throughput, large-scale, sequencing platform that will allow the orientation of patients enrolled in personalized medicine studies towards the most relevant targeted therapies.

According to the terms of the agreement, IntegraGen will install and operate on behalf of Gustave Roussy a sequencing platform beginning in Q2 2014. The Clinical Sequencing Unit will be located in the institution’s Molecular Medicine building and will be used for both Whole Exome and RNA Sequencing. While being operated within the strict quality criteria required in a clinical research and by also delivering sequencing results in a timely manner, these analyses will allow an exhaustive exploration, without a priori hypothesis, of patient’s tumor within the framework of Personalized Medicine programs developed by Gustave Roussy. The analysis of the mutational profile (or molecular portrait) of each patient’s tumor may allow for individualized therapeutic intervention.

“This is a major step for molecular diagnostics,” declared Professor Eric Solary, Head of Research at Gustave Roussy. “Since 2010, patients enrolled in our Personalized Medicine program have had their directed therapy thanks to the sequencing of a few tens of tumor genes. From now on we will have access to the sequence and the expression of all coding genes of each patient’s tumor. By doing so we can actively participate in the implementation of the 3rd French cancer Plan, with one of its objectives being to develop the use of the tumor exome within clinical research projects. This information will allow us in the future to better predict responses to treatments and avoid useless or even counter-productive therapies.”

“We are obviously extremely proud that the largest cancer center in Europe has chosen IntegraGen as partner to implement this program. We believe our genomic and bioinformatics knowledge and expertise will contribute to the implementation of this tool which will be essential in the development of personalized medicine approaches for the treatment of patients with cancer,” stated Bernard Courtieu, IntegraGen’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is an extremely important step we’re crossing by moving from the research of biomarkers to the realization of analysis in conditions compatible with clinical practice.”


Founded in 2000, IntegraGen (ALINT.PA) is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of molecular diagnostic tests in the fields of autism and oncology. IntegraGen’s mission is to translate molecular research into clinical practice through the identification of novel genetic biomarkers and the subsequent development of molecular diagnostic tests which allow clinicians to better manage the clinical care of their patients. IntegraGen is also a leader in delivering expert genomic service solutions to academic researchers and life sciences companies as a result of its scientific knowledge and technological expertise related to cutting edge genomic platforms and bioinformatics.

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Europe’s leading oncology center, Gustave Roussy is an international institute with expertise in oncology entirely dedicated to its patients. Its single venue contains 2,600 health professionals whose three main missions are care-giving, research and education. By devoting nearly 20% of its budget to research, Gustave Roussy proudly declares its determination to promote research as an innovative engine for the benefit of its patients.


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