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WallStAnalyst.com: US Automobile Industry Basks in Spotlight After Gloomy Financial Crisis

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Wall St. Analyst (www.wallstanalyst.com) has announced its comprehensive market summary that analyzes the most relevant news, events, and economic releases. This edition of the newsletter provides an insight into the turnaround being witnessed in the US automobile industry after going through a rough patch during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. The newsletter also throws the spotlight on how the industry transitioned itself in relation to changes in the macro economic factors in the US. It also delves into details about how the product offerings, market share of the major players, and their geographical focus majorly changed over the past few years.

Fed plays major role in resurgence of the automobile industry
In recent years, the Fed has played an important role in revitalizing the US automobile industry by setting up the Auto Task Force to help US automotive players withstand the intense competition by foreign companies setting up base in the country. To deal with low consumer sentiments, the Fed financed the requirements of auto dealers and honoring of warranty requirements. In addition, the introduction of the Cash for Clunkers program was aimed at boosting auto sales and replacing inefficient vehicles with new, safer, and fuel-efficient vehicles. Furthermore, the government funded many R&D programs for advanced vehicle manufacture and alternative fuel in collaboration with the Detroit Three. More details about the present state of the US automobile industry is available at


Will the Detroit Three Retain their Market Dominance?
Wall St. Analyst analyses how the Detroit Three dominated the US automobile industry until the late 1970s, ruling the market with their sheer size and manufacturing capability. However, with the oil crisis in 1973 and the entry of foreign players offering compact and fuel-efficient cars, the Detroit Three began losing their monopoly and ceded market share to smaller players who had their pulse on customer needs. However, the subprime crisis and the global financial slowdown resulted in many automobile companies, including the Detroit Three, filing for bankruptcy. More details about the slowdown being witnessed in the US automobile industry is available at


Focus Concepts, Sectors, and Companies
Mercedes Benz
General Motors

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