Jan. 6, 2014 15:00 UTC

Progress Pacific Improves Customer Service at Taxi Companies in The Netherlands

Brixxs uses Progress Rollbase to enable Dutch taxi companies to comply with new, stricter regulations within three days of them coming into effect

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) has helped registered taxi companies in the Netherlands to quickly comply with new regulation and improve the quality of their services in large cities. By using Progress® Rollbase™, part of the Progress® Pacific™ application development platform, Brixxs, a Dutch systems integrator and technology vendor, has developed and updated applications that have allowed taxi companies known as ATOs (Allowed Taxi Organizations) to comply with strict new regulations introduced by the Dutch government, within three days of them coming into effect.

Aimed at applying stricter regulation for taxi drivers and companies, the new legislation was introduced in July to improve customer service in large Dutch cities. The Progress Rollbase product was selected by Brixxs because it allowed it to rapidly develop applications in line with these new laws and ensure that ATOs were fully compliant with all aspects of the new legislation as quickly as possible.

As part of its work on the ATO applications, Brixxs was able to use components from its existing Rollbase private cloud platform. Brixxs was also able to save considerable time and money for all relevant ATO organizations by updating all standard ATO applications and providing an easy way to centrally release updates.

Executive Quotes:

“Change, both inside and outside of the company walls, has become a structural part of business today, whether it’s as a result of new laws and regulations or other changes in the business world,” explains Freddy Jaarsma, director of Brixxs. “Increasingly, the biggest challenge modern businesses face is that these changes have to take place faster and faster. This means the solutions you use should also be able to deal with change. The advantage of the Progress Rollbase platform is that it has the speed, accessibility and flexibility required to develop applications as and when circumstances dictate.”

Mark Armstrong, vice president and managing director of EMEA at Progress, said: “The ability to be able to react quickly and effectively when change occurs is the measure of any successful organization. By enabling organizations to quickly develop powerful business apps with minimum coding through its drag-and-drop functionality, the Progress Rollbase application development platform allows our partners to keep pace with the rate of change. By being able to roll out business applications that reflect this ability to respond to change, we believe that Progress Rollbase provides both partners and end-users alike with a significant competitive advantage.”

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About Brixxs

Brixxs is a systems integrator and independent software vendor (ISV) partner of Progress, focused on the faster delivery of adaptive solutions, open innovation and new product development. Brixxs offers an extensive set of Progress Rollbase application templates by using its own private Rollbase cloud and works closely with other Progress partners to maximize the Progress Pacific platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Brixxs has recently signed a joint venture with Propredict to deliver its fast and flexible cloud solutions alongside Propredict’s extensive knowledge of OpenEdge.

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