Dec. 3, 2013 09:00 UTC

Siemens to Offer Novinium Cable Life Extension Technology in Europe

ERLANGEN, Germany & Auburn, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Siemens announces Califex™, its cable-life extension service for insulated, medium-voltage cables. Siemens has licensed Novinium® technology—the world’s most advanced cable-rejuvenation fluids and injection processes—to power its cable-life extension offering.

Many medium-voltage cables, which were installed in the 1970s and 1980s, are now reaching the end of their life, causing increasing failures and power interruptions. Circuit owners facing significant maintenance investments to replace these cables have long recognized Novinium’s patented, technology-enabled, cable-life extension solutions as their best choice for high cable reliability at significantly lower cost than cable replacement.

Developed by Novinium’s founders, who have over 25 years of experience in the cable-rejuvenation industry, Novinium’s rejuvenation fluids are injected into the cable and restore the full dielectric strength of the cable in just seven days. This process can be easily completed with one service visit, minimal disruption, and a very short outage time.

Califex will utilize Novinium’s Perficio and Ultrinium fluids and Novinium’s patented Sustained Pressure Rejuvenation (SPR) injection method. The process works by injecting the fluid into the strands of aged cable which migrates into the cable insulation to repair the damage caused by aging. The patented, state-of-the-art Ultrinium fluid repairs, upgrades, and extends the life of medium-voltage cables and is nonflammable, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly. SPR cable injection seals the ends of the cable against water intrusion and is capable of extending cable life by 40 years or more—offering better-than-new reliability. Thousands of kilometers of cable have been successfully injected with the Novinium process.

Siemens will introduce Califex throughout Europe, where it has close working relationships with utilities and industrial plants. The extensive Siemens sales and service organization will support these customers.

Glen Bertini, Novinium’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Siemens’ long history as a technology innovator and leading global supplier in power distribution and energy markets is a great match for Novinium’s cable-rejuvenation solutions. Califex, powered by Novinium, offers Europe’s utility grids, industrial plants, and infrastructure owners a proven and economical path to more reliable power.”

Thomas Kessler, head of Monitoring & Diagnostics from Siemens Asset Services, announced, “Siemens is expanding its cable services offering, and the Novinium cable-rejuvenation solutions paired with Siemens service experience in the industry will lead to best-of-class results. Our customers can now benefit from improved reliability with this service and save money.”

About Siemens:

The Siemens Smart Grid Division (Nuremberg) offers power providers, network operators, industrial enterprises, and cities an end-to-end portfolio with products and solutions to develop intelligent energy networks. Smart Grids enable a bidirectional flow of energy and information. They are required for the integration of more renewable energy sources in the network. In addition, power providers can run their plants more efficiently with data gained from Smart Grids. Asset Services, a service unit of the Smart Grid Division, focus on service and solutions for power supply systems in the areas of power transmission, power distribution, and industrial energy supply that keep the network infrastructure on the cutting edge in terms of life cycle, reliability, and environmental friendliness. For further information please see

About Novinium:

Novinium’s technology solutions address circuit owners’ infrastructure problems at a fraction of the cost of existing methods, save energy, save natural resources, and reduce greenhouse gases by eliminating the need for additional production of aluminum and polymers for new cables. Founded in 2003 by the experts who invented the field of cable rejuvenation at Dow Corning in the 1980s, Novinium’s patented injection process rejuvenates and extends the reliable life of medium-voltage power cable up to 40 years. Headquartered in suburban Seattle, the privately held company is a recognized technology leader in cable rejuvenation and was honored as one of Seattle’s 2013 Best Places to Work. Further information is available at


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