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ENTERTAINMENT: Nicosia to host first Cyprus Film Summit

03 October, 2018

The first Cyprus Film Summit will be held in Nicosia on 10 October, bringing together 120 participants from around the world to promote the island as a film destination.

The Summit is being organized by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Cyprus), the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) and the Press and Information Office.

This is the first big initiative to promote Cyprus as a filming destination to industry professionals.

Film and audio-visual professionals from all over the world will meet next week in the capital to discuss the latest developments in their field and to learn what the island of Cyprus has to offer.

It is also an opportunity for the government to present its package of incentives and benefits for local and international productions to use Cyprus.

Production companies and directors as well as executive producers from Europe, India, Russia and North America are expected to attend.