TELECOM: Cytamobile-Vodafone way ahead in speed test

27 November, 2017

OOKLA, the internet speed test and audit firm, said that Cyta had the fastest mobile telephony in Cyprus for 2017.

The evaluation was conducted via a SpeedTest app among the thousands of measurements that were carried out in in Cyprus during April-September, and revealed Cyta’s dominance where speeds are concerned.

According to the OOKLA evaluation data, Cyta’s mobile network is the fastest in Cyprus in every technology category from 2G to 4G.

The OOKLA Speed Test, which carries out more than 5 million measurements around the world every day, via 2,500 servers, can compare speeds and line quality to connections including local and international, fixed and/or mobile Internet providers.

The tests in Cyprus registered an average download speed of 34.12Mbps for

Cytamobile-Vodafone customers, as against 16.75Mbps and 14.80Mbps for other networks.

Cyta said it has been providing fast Internet everywhere for some time now, with 99.5% geographic coverage for its 3G technology and 79% for its 4G technology.

Furthermore, in May, it introduced the 4.5G high-speed network, with a maximum speed of up to 525 Mbps, which it recently upgraded to reach up to 700Mbps, making Cyta’s network the most technologically advanced in Cyprus and one of the world’s premium networks.