EUROSTAT: Cyprus has one of lowest rates of ICT experts

26 October, 2016

Cyprus had only 8,100 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts in 2015, up from 7,900 in 2010, but this rate remains one of the lowest in the EU, as it represents only 2.2% of total employment.

According to Eurostat, in Cyprus 82.9% of ICT professionals are men and in total 71.2% of them had tertiary education. 47.7% are aged less than 35, broadly following the European trend.
Meanwhile, in the European Union (EU), nearly 8 million persons were employed in 2015 as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists, representing 3.5% of total employment. This profession continues to be largely made up of men, accounting in 2015 for more than 8 ICT specialists out of 10 employed in the EU (83.9%). It also employed mainly highly educated people, with 6 ICT specialists out of 10 (60.5%) employed in the EU having tertiary level education.
In 2015, ICT specialists in the EU were mainly employed in the United Kingdom (1.54 million persons), Germany (1.47 million) and France (0.95 million). These three Member States accounted for slightly more than half of all ICT specialists employed in the EU in 2015. In relative terms, the highest shares in 2015 of ICT specialists in total employment were recorded in Finland (6.5%) and Sweden (6.1%), followed by the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (both 5.0%), Luxembourg (4.6%) and Estonia (4.4%).
At the opposite end of the scale, Greece (1.2%), Romania (1.9%), Lithuania (2.1%), Cyprus and Latvia (both 2.2%), Bulgaria and Portugal (both 2.3%), Spain (2.4%) and Italy (2.5%) registered the lowest proportions. Compared with 2011, both the absolute number and the share of ICT specialists in total employment increased in nearly all Member States by 2015, notably in Germany, France, Estonia, Hungary, Portugal and Finland. At EU level, the number of ICT specialists rose by almost 1.5 million persons between 2011 and 2015, and their share in total employment grew from 3.0% to 3.5%.