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TURKEY: Cyprus hope Erdogan victory will contribute to solution

11 August, 2014

Government Spokesman Nicos Christodoulides has expressed the hope that Turkey will, at long last, contribute constructively to a peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem,
Invited to comment on the election victory of Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in the nation’s first direct presidential elections, the spokesman told CNA that “the result of the elections in Turkey is a matter for the Turkish people and that is absolutely respected”.
“Our hope is that Turkey will finally contribute constructively to a peaceful resolution of the Cyprus problem, a solution that will end the occupation and illegal settlement (of the island`s northern part) so that all the lawful inhabitants of the island will enjoy the same rights as those enjoyed by European citizens,” he stressed.
Europe, he noted, is for Turkey the only way out of the deadlock which its policy in the region has led the country.
The road to Europe for Ankara, he pointed out, is a one-way street and it will only open through the respect of human rights and by fulfilling its obligations towards Cyprus and other EU members.
Should the contrary occur, he added, “Turkey, far from Europe, will face serious obstacles and its course towards democratisation and the country’s relations in the wider region will face a setback.”
The people of Turkey will be asked to bear the cost, he said.