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LIBYA: Cypriot citizens evacuated from the country

01 August, 2014

Cypriot nationals, living and working in Libya, are being evacuated because of the volatile situation in the country.

The embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Tripoli has closed close due to the escalating situation, the government has announced.

Twelve Cypriot citizens and the spouse of one of them who is a third-country national (including Embassy staff and workers) have boarded the frigate “SALAMIS” of the Greek Navy in the early hours on Friday. The ship, which carries a total of 186 citizens, is expected to dock at the port of Piraeus in Athens on Saturday morning.

Charis Moritsis, Head of the Crisis Management Center at the Foreign Ministry, told CNA today that the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece will make the necessary arrangements for the thirteen individuals to return to Cyprus.

According to Moritsis, five Cypriots who are employed by companies in Libya or are working on a contract basis have decided to remain in Libya. He noted that if they change their mind and want to return home, the MFA will provide assistance. He said that they could either leave by car via Tunisia or by air from an airport in the east of Tripoli that operates few emergency flights.

Moritsis also pointed out that the situation is carefully monitored as the circumstances change rapidly.

Cypriots are requested to contact the MFA at: 99660129, 22 651108 and 22 80 1000 for further information.

Moritsis also told CNA that Cyprus is not at the moment examining any request from any European country to provide assistance for the evacuation of citizens and that the Republic has already assisted a few persons but these were very isolated cases.

The MFA has issued a statement Friday expressing its gratitude to the Greek government, the Greek Navy and the Embassy of Greece in Tripoli for their assistance in the evacuation of Cypriot citizens.