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EUROPE: Cyprus Youth Board supports “Invest in Education”

31 July, 2014

At a recent meeting between the Executive Committee of the OELMEK Board and the European Citizens’ Initiative “INVEST IN EDUCATION” the President of the Secondary Teachers Union Mr. Taliadoros delivered the support statements of his Organisation to the petition for exempting education spending from cuts.

More particularly, the proposal provides for the exclusion from the calculation of each country’s public spending deficit that part of Government spending for education that is lower than the last 5-year European average.
The Initiative “Invest in Education” has been prepared by the Think Tank Diktyo for Reform in Greece and Europe, and is represented in seven countries, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and Bulgaria, while it is promoted in all European Member States. In order for the relevant legislative proposal to be considered by the European Parliament, a minimum number of 1.000.000 signatures must be secured all over Europe. For Cyprus, the minimum number of signatures required is 4500 and the maximum 9000.

The European Citizens’ Initiative delegation comprised Dr. Iacovos Psaltis in his capacity of the Cypriot Organiser of the 7-European Country Member Organising Committee who launched and promote the petition, and the volunteers Yiannis Trimithiotis, manager of the Initiative’s social media and Alexandros Tambakis, manager of the Initiative’s website in Cyprus. On behalf of OELMEK, apart from the President, present were the Vice President Ms Alkisti Varnava, the General Secretary Mr. Michalis Ierides, the General Treasurer Mr. Andreas Sophocles, the Organisational Secretary Mr. Sotiris Papamoyseos, the Assistant General Secretary Mr. Yiannos Socratous and the Assistant General Treasurer Mr. Lakis Gabriel.

Mr. Psaltis stated that OELMEK’S support for completing the minimum required supporters for Cyprus was crucial and after expressing his gratitude for the support wished the new Executive Committee all success in their new role as leaders of the Secondary Teachers Union.
Supporters must be European Citizens eligible to vote in the European Elections, regardless of nationality. Support the initiative now here and disseminate the petition to your contacts. (Deadline for electronic support 6 August 2014).