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Cyprus Airways, PHI Air Europe sign helicopter support deal

23 July, 2014

Cyprus Airways and PHI Air Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of US-based PHI Helicopters Inc., have signed a strategic agreement for the provision of helicopter support services at the Cypriot carrier’s technical facilities.
PHI, a leading provider of helicopter services to oil and gas rigs, will be based in Cyprus to support customers operating in the Cyprus exclusive economic zone (EEZ) where natural gas explorations are underway, and to others in the eastern Mediterranean.
The agreement includes the use of Cyprus Airways facilities and services in mechanics and maintenance, and will be expanded in the future to cover other sectors such as personnel training, flight operations supervision and cargo supplies.
The airline’s CEO Aharon Karaoghlanian said that this agreement opens new avenues for the company in the area of the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry and shows the high standards of quality and safety maintained by the Cyprus Airways technical support centre.
The agreement was signed by PHI Air Europe Senior Manager Mike Foley and Cyprus Airways Chairman Tony Antoniou.