EAC Cyprus updates website with new functions

21 July, 2014

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) website has been upgraded with a new appearance and new functionality aimed to improve customer service with up-to-date public information, such as faults and scheduled interruptions of supply, just as it would get from national-number Customer Contact Center.
The website now has a “Sign in” feature where the client can subscribe and receive announcements, informative leaflets or new tenders issued by the EAC. Those interested for new tenders can download tender documents. Customers can also get a better understanding of their bill by reading explanatory notes for each element on the bill that composes their account, to receive saving energy advice and have electronic on-line access to the childrens’ informative leaflet, “Fotis World”, which they can print on their personal printer.
The information provided includes: “Customer Service”, “Services to Associates”, “EAC” and “Contact Us” where customers can find all the channels of communication with the organisation such as telephone numbers, addresses, e-mail and Google maps for all Area Offices and Customer Service Centers.