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Joint Cyprus – USA search and rescue exercise wrapsup

17 July, 2014

A Multinational Search and Rescue (SAR) daylight exercise, titled “CYPUSA - 01/14” was conducted on Wednesday, from 11:00 until 14:30, near the coast of Cyprus, with the participation of SAR Units and Personnel from the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.

A press release issued by the Cyprus Defence Ministry, notes that Rescue Naval Units and SAR Helicopters took part in the Aeronautical SAR exercise under the operational control and full coordination of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) Larnaca, in close cooperation with the 6th Fleet / Command Task Force-65 of the United States Navy.

The main objective of the Aeronautical exercise was the planning, preparation and execution of a Multinational joint SAR exercise, in order to promote personnel & Rescue Units capabilities, and readiness for effective response in SAR missions and other humanitarian operations within the Republic of Cyprus Search and Rescue Region (SRR), and in the Eastern Mediterranean, in general.

The exercise was the second cooperation on SAR matters, this year, between the JRCC Larnaca, which represents the SAR system of the Republic of Cyprus, and the U.S. Navy as the first combined SAR actual training in the field, was carried out on the 10th of April in the framework of the Multinational Exercise “NEMESIS-2014”.

The scenario dealt with a “Maritime Accident in Open Sea”; as a result the Cyprus National SAR Plan “NEARCHOS”, was immediately implemented by the JRCC Larnaca, in order to confront the situation. Specifically, the training exercises focused on “MAN OVER BOARD” and “MEDEVAC” emergency drills, daylight SAR operations, deck landings practice of the SAR Helicopters onboard the U.S. Navy Ship flight deck, and associated issues that might arise either on Passenger or Cargo Ships, in the region.