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Cyprus to get hotter in future, better water management needed

10 July, 2014

Cyprus will face conditions of drought, extreme rainfall and more days with temperatures rising over 35C between 2020 and 2050, according to a Cyprus Institute study for the European BeWater programme.
CI researcher Adriana Bruggeman explained that the European research programme follows an innovative dialogue and cooperation process between the scientific community and society and takes place in Mediterranean basins, in Spain, Slovenia, Tunisia and Cyprus.
Environmentalists, local authorities, farmers and public officials specialising in water, agriculture, environment and town planning took part in the first workshop and made specific recommendations to help Cyprus adjust to climate change, the Institute said.
In particular participants propose a more equitable distribution of water, better implementation of the relevant environmental legislation, organising awareness campaigns and cleaning river beds and parks situated along the rivers.
Climate change has made water management even more crucial for Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean region, they point out.
The project continues with expert interviews and meetings with relevant authorities in September. A second workshop is scheduled to take place in June 2015 to jointly review the recommendations and plans for climate change adaptation.