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Cyprus pledges to stamp out animal cruelty after dog abuse case

28 June, 2014

The Cyprus government has condemned the inhumane abuse of a stray dog by hotel employees, saying this is a disgrace to society and pointing out that innocent animals must be protected and not ill treated.
The government also announced plans to introduce training programmes to make people sensitive towards animals with a view to cultivate an animal loving conscience.
The announcement came in the wake of damning comments from various quarters, including remarks posted on the social media, about a cruelty case in a hotel in the Paralimni area, on the east of the island, against a stray dog, who was thrown alive into a cardboard crushing machine. Police have charged two men in connection with the incident.
“We are looking into ways to complete and strengthen current legislation on animal cruelty as part of our efforts to prevent animal abuse and ensure that we have the right mechanisms to implement the law,” the government said in a press release.
The government has described such incidents as a “disgrace to society and the country”, pointing out its resolve to clamp down on such phenomena perpetrated by “sick minds.”
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Green Party and other associations have also condemned the incident, calling for measures against such actions.