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70,000 to apply for GMI aid, Cyprus minimum set at €480

17 June, 2014

More than 70,000 needy individuals are expected to apply for the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) grant, which is expected to be set at a minimum rate “but not limited to” 480 euros, according to Labour Minister Zeta Emilianidou.

“The ongoing social reforms and the GMI aim to help those in need,” Emilianidou said after a meeting with trade union officials and employers organisations, adding that the proposed bill is expected to be put to the Cabinet on Wednesday and once it is approved it will be submitted to parliament.
She said that the ministry will request that the regulations for the submission of applications come into force once the bill is adopted, so that the ministry can proceed to help potential applicants to file their forms.
However, she dismissed reports that the GMI will only be 480 euros. She gave the example of a couple with no children who under the new system will receive 874 euros, or a family with an under-age child and a child over 18 years old who will be entitled to a total of 1,328 euros.
The provision of 480 euro is there to cover certain basic needs, she said, explaining that beyond that there is the provision for rent, the grant for municipal levies and that more help is available for those who truly need it.
Emilianidou said that at present some 20,000 people receive public aid, 8,500 of whom are disabled.