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Researchers: Bleak outlook for Cyprus from climate change

05 June, 2014

Research carried out by the Cyprus Institute confirms that the region’s weather in the near future will be much much drier and warmer.
In a press release to mark World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5, the Institute notes that by the end of the century the very hot days and nights of the Summer will be prolonged and will last up to two months longer than the already hot Summers.

Forecasts become even bleaker when the average annual rainfall is calculated, as it is expected to drop significantly and not cover needs in drinking and irrigation water.
The higher temperatures and diminishing water reserves mean that the cultivation of grains will disappear, the need for air conditioning will increase and thus electricity consumption, with detrimental effects on health, especially respiratory and cardiac conditions.

The World Environment Day is a landmark for the UN, symbolising the need for cooperation in order to protect the environment and sustainably manage nature. The day is celebrated annually on June 5 in over 100 countries, and serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility to protect the planet.
The Cyprus Institute, considering the effects of climate change, has been carrying out research programmes to record and analyse world climate changes and their consequences, and also suggests ways to address the phenomenon and adapt to the new facts.