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Want to get inspired? IWIB workshop on connection and collaboration

29 May, 2014

From the evolution of the agricultural world to the industrial world, we now live in an ideological world and through the vast developments in technology, we are now able to connect and share with one another, personally and professionally, says Sarah Pavlou Lofthouse, president of the International Women in Business network.

IWIB, which was founded based on the need to connect locally and internationally with like minded women, who recognise the value of investing in themselves and others, to bring about positive change, is organising a “Get Connected” training programme on Sunday, June 1, at the Cleopatra Hotel, Nicosia at 10am – 1pm. This workshop will focus on concentrating on the value of inspiration.
“Career paths are fast being replaced by entrepreneurship, challenges by opportunities, risk by confidence, understanding by awareness, support by sharing, and can’t by can do,” said Sarah.
“Building a business is no longer about being local but global, it is no longer just about what you do but rather about what problem you solve and what makes you unique, it is not about being alone but about building collaborations, it is without doubt an opportunity not to be missed,” she added.
“Recognising your skills and talents are what makes you unique, then it is about how you communicate your unique self: your interpersonal skills, rapport, relationship building, being connected and networked and being an authentic leader and person of influence; with the ability to communicate openly and honestly with clarity and confidence,” Sarah concluded.
The Get Connected event will be driven by Dr Margaret Pitiris, a founding board member at IWIB who will share the importance of being inspired, what has inspired her to grow so incredibly successful in her career and why inspiring others is such a deep seated passion throughout her life and career.
“I believe that true and real leadership success is all about ‘paying it forward’. Throughout my career, I have been mentioned, coached and inspired by amazing senior professionals, who were generous with their time, talents and skills to help me grow and expand. Inspiring and mentoring others is important to me because, in the end, the deeds you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy”, says Margaret Pitiris.

For details and to reserve a seat, follow the link