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Cyprus participates in the global march against Monsanto

20 May, 2014

Cyprus will participate in the global march against Monsanto in an event on Saturday, May 24, to protest against genetically modified foods.

On this date, people in over 300 cities around the world will be protesting against genetically modified foods and large multinationals seeking to promote the control of humanity through the control of food, led by MONSANTO, organizing marches and actions of information and awareness against food control and the destruction of the planet`s biodiversity.
The event is organized by the Office of the Commissioner of the Environment, with the involvement of the Federation of Environmental and Ecological Organisations of Cyprus, farmers` organizations, consumer associations, environmental organizations, the Association of Organic Producers of Cyprus, the Council of Agricultural Engineering and Green Party.

The event includes distributing information material, collecting signatures in support of the campaign for a declaration of Cyprus as a country free of genetically modified organisms and the march which starts on Saturday afternoon by the end of Ledra Street.
The event aims to promote, expand and strengthen the cultivation of fodder crops suitable for animal feed free from genetically modified organisms.

Also the Ministry of Agriculture will have to design the necessary mark to be used in the packaging of animal products produced without the use of GE feed such as fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products. It will also have to promote ecological agriculture and animal husbandry.