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Coffee Island rebranding image, adds 3 more in Cyprus

16 May, 2014

The Greek-owned franchisor Coffee Island is rebranding its corporate identity with a new logo and a gradual facelift of its 180-or-so outlets in Cyprus, Greece and the Balkans.

CEO Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos and architect Andreas Kourkoulas, who undertook the redesign of the shops, explained that the new logo represent “the plant, the seed, the journey, the drop, the flame and the cup, which takes us on a journey to the various stages of the coffee production and finally to Coffee Island.”
In Cyprus, the first of the 27 stores with the new corporate identity and new architectural concept was launched in February, with three more new outlets expected to open soon.
Referring to the chain’s expansion plans in Cyprus, Konstantinopoulos said: "Our goal is not a numerical target, but a successful track record with satisfied partners and a presence all over Cyprus."
Coffee Island, , started in 1999 as a traditional coffee shop in the centre of Patras, selling a variety of freshly ground coffee. Since then, the company has expanded its network with 183 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Albania, with plans to expand further in the rest of Europe and the Middle East.
Since 2006 the company has maintained its own manufacturing plant for processing coffee, investing in equipment and expertise mainly from Italy, in order to supply franchise stores with a wide variety of coffees. In 2012 the production units and warehouses doubled their capacity to ensure quality.