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New Limassol passenger terminal pushed back to 2015

14 May, 2014

The Cyprus government has plans to develop Limassol port further, despite the semi-government organisation’s facilities slated for privatisation.
Communications and Works Minister Marios Demetriades said during a routine visit to the port that “the plans are still at an early stage, but will have to be preceded by a feasibility study to see what investments are needed.”
“After that, we will see within the wider context of privatisations who will have to undertake to make the investments, whether this investment will be made by the Ports Authority or a private investor,” the minister said.
As regards the extension work on the passenger terminal at Limassol port, Demetriades said that there is a small delay in the completion of the project and that this is now estimated to finish within 2015 instead of late-2014,k as had originally been planned.
On the issue of the recent strikes by port and dock workers, the minister was blunt: “There are a lot of people without work and income, and those of us who have jobs ought to be especially careful not to cause further problems to the economy.” He said that any closure of the ports has an impact on the economy and causes unnecessary problems to the business sector.”