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Cypriots less pessimistic over household economics, says Eurobarometer

12 May, 2014

Cypriots appear less pessimistic over the financial prospects of their households, in comparison to last autumn, according to a Eurobarometer survey conducted for the European Commission last March.
The survey found that Cyprus presents the biggest increase in optimistic responses, compared to a November 2013 study with 53% of Cypriots saying that the financial standing of their household is ‘good’ or ‘rather good’, while 47% say it is ‘bad’ or ‘rather bad’. Positive responses were raised by 11 percentage points since the previous survey.
Moreover, 93% of Cypriots say the employment condition is ‘bad’, compared to 76% in the EU average.
Asked to comment on their professional standing, 40% of Cypriots say it is ‘bad’, while 33% say they are ‘satisfied’.
Respondents said that Cyprus is on the wrong track by 56%, with only 22% believing the country is moving in the right direction.
The Cypriot economy will be better in the next 12 months, 26% said, with 43% saying the opposite and 27% believing it will be the same.
Next year, the economic standing of their household will be better according to 19% of respondents, with 24% saying it will get worse.
Moreover, employment in the next 12 months will improve, 21% of Cypriots predict, with 47% expecting it to deteriorate and 28% saying it will stay the same.
Furthermore, 76% of Cypriots say the economy is the most important problem that needs to be tackled first, followed by with 75%.
Half of the respondents said things would have been better if the country was not in the EU, with 43% disagreeing, while 47% are for the euro and 48% are against it.
Only 7% of Cypriots trust their political parties, with 91% expressing distrust. The percentage of those expressing trust to the government reaches 22%, with 74% noting their distrust. The House of Representatives is trusted by 15%, with 83% distrusting it. Finally, 22% say they trust the EU and 74% say they don’t.