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Cyprus wines: ‘Zambartas Rosé’ 2013 at the Leventis Gallery

08 May, 2014

Wash away the stress of the week with a tasting of the recently released ‘Zambartas Rosé’ 2013 in the beautiful ambiance of the new Leventis Art Gallery on Thursday, May 8.
With our flagship wine recently launched, in collaboration with the gallery’s Pinakothiki restaurant, the event will be taking place between 6 and 8pm, while guests can anticipate a fine selection of delicious cheeses provided by the Bavarian Delicatessen.
“We will be there to share a glass of wine with you and hear you comments about the new vintage,” said Marcos Zambartas.
Pinakothiki is located at the AG Leventis Art Gallery, Anastasios Leventis street (previously Leonidou Street), Nicosia, 22 664477