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CTO approves mandatory sustainability standards for Cyprus hotels

05 May, 2014

For the first time mandatory sustainability standards for hotel establishments have been approved by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

According to an announcement, issued by CTO, this means that every hotel operating in Cyprus must now take action to protect the environment and support their local community.

The new minimum standards are part of a wider programme of reforms from the CTO, the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) and the Travel Foundation - to make Cyprus a leading destination for sustainable tourism. Because of the scheme, hotels in Cyprus will now be required to demonstrate sustainable business practices that will ultimately lead to cost savings and a more authentic Cypriot offering for their guests.

The standards cover a range of criteria including reducing energy, water and chemical use, and the amount of waste generated, training staff and having a "green team" responsible for sustainability issues, sourcing local goods and services where possible, promoting authentic Cypriot food and entertainment and supporting local charities and community initiatives.

The CTO`s inspectors will check compliance as part of their general assessment of quality standards. As hotels sustainability performance improves over time, the standards will be reviewed and revised in order to move the Cypriot hotel sector towards best practice in the long term.

The announcement notes that in the Cyprus Tourism Organisation officials are very pleased with the fact that the hotel industry is working with them to make Cyprus a world leader in sustainable tourism. These minimum standards, it adds, are not just good business sense; they will help to protect the very things that draw people to Cyprus: our landscapes, our culture and heritage, and our welcoming people. Visitors to Cyprus can be assured that the island will offer a great quality, authentic product both now and for future generations.

"It`s been fantastic to support Cyprus with this world-first. Their commitment to implementing minimum sustainability standards has created a national framework that will ensure sustainability is business as usual rather than an optional extra. This step change will see Cyprus leading the way where other destinations are sure to follow”, Salli Felton, Acting Chief Executive of the Travel Foundation, said.