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European values the basis for Cyprus reunification

30 April, 2014

The Republic of Cyprus belongs to Europe, where the values ​​and ideals of reconciliation, peace, solidarity and the strengthening of democratic institutions are indisputable and should form the foundation for the reunification of our homeland, Cypriot Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, Androulla Vasiliou has told the Cyprus News Agency.

In statements to CNA on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the accession of Cyprus to the EU, Vassiliou said that the European orientation of Cyprus "will reward us in our common effort for a united, free Cyprus with a robust economy.”

The Cypriot Commissioner pointed out that the accession of Cyprus to the EU was the culmination of a long-term strategy, which has shown, beyond any doubt, that when political forces are united and committed to one goal, then great things can be achieved.

"Cyprus` accession course is the shining example of how we need to address the enormous challenges we have before us, particularly as regards the effort to reunify our country and to contribute to the recovery of our economy” she stressed.

Referring to the Cyprus EU Presidency in the second half of 2012, the Commissioner said that it was an important milestone in the European history of Cyprus. She explained that Nicosia had successfully managed various sensitive European issues and highlighted important EU policies. In addition, the Cyprus EU Presidency has demonstrated that the public administration of Cyprus has important human resources and expertise, which allows Cyprus to participate with claims in the EU institutions.

The Commissioner pointed out however that more things can be done, especially as regards a more active participation of Cyprus in drafting Community legislation.

She told CNA that it is also extremely important to cultivate European culture and mentality among young people who are faced with unemployment.
To this end, she said, the new program Erasmus + offers “an important heritage to young people, expanding their horizons and enhancing their prospects for a better future."