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Cyprus youth say they are ignored due to economic crisis

30 April, 2014

The majority of young Cypriots and Greeks believe that they have been marginalised and excluded from economic and social life by the ongoing crisis, according to a Eurobarometer survey conducted ahead of the European Parliament elections next month.
The survey, carried out among young Europeans aged 16-30 in the 28 EU member states, addressed the five main themes of the European Youth Event (EYE) which will be held in Strasbourg on May 9-11: youth and employment, the digital revolution, the future of the EU, sustainable development and European values.
A total of 79% of young Cypriots and 87% in Greece said they have been marginalised due to the economic crisis. The average in the EU was 57%.
Some 51% of Cypriots said they were being forced to go to another EU country to study or work while 49% said they didn’t.
Asked about the biggest challenges the EU and their country face in the next years and need to be handled, a total of 64% Cypriots said unemployment, 26% said tax evasion, 25% said illegal immigration, 20% said social imbalances and 16% said public debt.
On the best ways to effectively participate in EU public life, 33% of Cypriots said this could be done by voting in the European elections, 46% said by helping the needy, 19% said by taking part in political debates in websites or social media and 15% advocated participation in public life and joining political parties.
A third, or 35% of Cypriots want to start their own business but know it is too difficult and only 8% started their own business and 4% tried to start one, while 15% said they plan to try to start their own business in the next years.
As far as social media and public life are concerned, 44% of Cypriots believe these represent progress for democracy because they allow everyone to take part in public debates, while 36% said the opposite, that they believe these represent a risk for democracy because of the inappropriate use that may be made of personal data.