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Pharmaceutical Services: Unlikely for fake cancer drug to have entered Cyprus

22 April, 2014

Cyprus' Pharmaceutical Services believe that it is quite unlikely for the fake cancer drug `Herceptin` to have entered the island`s market.

However they urge everyone to be extra cautious and get in touch with the Services in case they detect something quite out of the ordinary.

Vials of `Herceptin` probably stolen in Italy have been tampered with and reintroduced into the medicine supply chain, the European Medicines Agency said last week.

The counterfeit vials are labeled Italian Herceptin 150 milligrams, and there is evidence of tampering with rubber stoppers, caps or lids, the EMA said.

In statements to CNA, Deputy Head of the Pharmaceutical Services Ioannis Kkolos said that ``although it is quite unlikely for these drugs to have been imported to Cyprus, people and health workers are urged to be extra cautious and report anything that seems abnormal``.

He said that the Pharmaceutical Services have checked the market and so far nothing suspicious has been found, pointing out that these particular drugs are imported to the market via a very specific way and thus it is unlikely to have been introduced in the legal distribution chain.

Kkolos also explained that these drugs are given on doctors' prescription at hospitals.