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ArKay, an alcohol-free whisky flavored drink

16 April, 2014

More than one million alcohol lovers choose to drink ArKay

The world’s first alcohol free Liquor Company has garnered a considerable amount of attention since its completion of its 0 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 percent alcohol inspired drinks designed for everyone to enjoy. ArKay Beverages has been on the market for only two years and has already garnered global recognition with recent success at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas, and the Halal Expo in Paris France. ArKay Beverages is delighted with its success but has a higher goal and message to bring to the world.
There are millions of people around the world for religious, social, and medical reasons that do not drink alcohol. ArKay aims to provide a drink that can fulfill the void for these consumers. ArKay is fully focused on providing the global community with a respectful, uniformed and safe drink. The company is also putting in place thousands of bartenders and mixologists all over the world trained in creating ArKay “Mocktails” (alcohol free cocktails) to show everyone from consumers to distributors the secret ArKay “WARM” or “BURN” effect, similar to cocktails made with real liquor. ArKay boasts its secret “WARM” effect which gives the sensation of drinking traditional liquors but without the intoxication.

ArKay has achieved the impossible by creating alcohol free liquors that recreates the flavor and aroma of the real thing while providing drinkers with the “burning sensation” that comes with consuming real alcoholic beverages. The company takes its social and global responsibility seriously, and has made vast efforts to market and cater to clients who for religious, medical or personal reasons do not consume alcohol. ArKay provides a safe, yet innovative alternative for those consumers. ArKay is Halal certified.
ArKay also reminds its drinkers “Don’t drink and drive unless it’s ArKay!

With subsidiaries operating in the United States and Europe, ArKay looks to spreads its socially responsible message to restaurants, night clubs, supermarkets, food stores and households around the world. For more information regarding ArKay visit their websites at,,