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Cyprus can become a regional telecommunications center

15 April, 2014

Cyprus can become a regional service center for telecommunications services, Minister of Communication and Works Marios Demetriades said on Monday.

Addressing the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) workshop, on the efficient use of satellite resources, in Limassol, the Minister referred to the country`s geographical location, its favourable tax system, the harmonized European telecommunications regulatory environment, and local expertise and experience.

“Cyprus has always shown a keen interest in satellite communications” the Minister said, noting that it possesses over two highly equipped ground stations, operated and maintained by experienced well-known companies.
Moreover, Cyprus has in orbit a working satellite, through its collaboration with Hellas Sat Consortium, Demetriades added, putting thus the Republic of Cyprus “in the global satellite map”, attracting three additional satellite providers.

The Minister said that Cyprus signed an agreement in 2009 with the European Space Agency (ESA) and is currently investigating the possibility of becoming an ESA member.