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Civil servants need to work harder, says Cyprus President

11 April, 2014

President Nicos Anastasiades has urged public servants to do their best in order to increase productivity and improve the quality of service provided.
Addressing the 51st Pancyprian Public Employees Trade Union Conference, on Friday, President Anastasiades referred also to ongoing efforts for the reunification of Cyprus noting, that if a solution is found it will act as the spearhead for growth.

He admitted that there are difficulties in the ongoing process but expressed the conviction that through sheer willpower, taking advantage of the balance of power and good cooperation, the outline of a solution as is set out in the joint declaration between himself and Turkish Cypriot leader Derviş Eroğlu of February 11 will be accepted.

Cyprus was divided in 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied its northern third. UN-backed talks resumed in February this year, following the agreed Joint Declaration, reached by the President Eroğlu.

President Anastasiades said that in the past twelve months, following an international bail out of Cyprus which included a haircut of uninsured deposits in the island`s two largest lenders, the people of Cyprus have paid a high toll.

Above all, he noted, public servants were the ones who were called to pay the highest price. He expressed his appreciation for their cooperative and responsible position so far.

He praised the responsible attitude of all Cypriots as well as the lessons of solidarity they gave, noting that their actions gave the appropriate reply to all those who thought that Cyprus would buckle under the great difficulties it had to face.
Much has already been achieved, he said, adding however that there is still much to do, m

entioning, inter alia, the public sector`s reform, the simplification of structures and procedures, the evaluation of the work of public servants, e-government and public – private cooperation.

He referred in particular to the newly established post of Commissioner for the Reform of the Public Sector, noting that he has no doubt that via social dialogue and cooperation the best possible outcome will be achieved.

He stressed the need for unity, solidarity and respect, adding that if those principles are there then he has no doubt that the goals set will be attained.

President Anastasiades referred to the fact that economic growth will come from the private sector and urged public servants “to do their utmost to increase productivity and improve the quality of services provided”. This, he said, will on the one hand contribute to recovery and on the other to achieving the ambitious goal for a modern and effective public service.

At the same time he promised that the government will stand by public servants and when possible will not hesitate to support them for the common good and society as a whole.