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Cyprus Tourism Organisation optimistic about increased tourism from Russia

08 April, 2014

Cyprus Tourism Organisation Chairman Aggelos Loizou has appeared optimistic concerning CTO’s goal to increase the number of tourists from Russia in 2014 to a total of 750.000 from 650.00 the year before.

Loizou, who was addressing the House Finance Committee which debated the CTO budget for 2014, said that tour operators were concerned by the euro – ruble currency rate rather than issues relating to the Ukrainian crisis.

“They were telling us that if the ruble currency rate is stabilized to 50 rubles per euro, there will be no problem with arrivals from Russia” he said, noting that the current currency rate stands at 48,39 rubles per euro, which allows optimism to reach the target for increased Russian arrivals in 2014.

Loizou also referred to CTO’s new strategy to promote Cyprus as a tourist destination, indicating that the strategy is long-term. “We are discussing everything on a 3 year basis, with airlines and tour operators”.

From his part Deputy Committee President Aggelos Votsis noted that despite the continuous decrease in the state grant to CTO, the results for 2013 “were definitely satisfactory” and indicate an optimistic trend for this year.

“It seems that the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s involvement do not affect arrivals from this country and we hope that it will be a good year” he added.