At home with the Peccini family at

27 March, 2014

A family in Dhali have opened up their home to the world, literally and virtually, sharing their everyday experiences in running a household and celebrating all the good there is about Cyprus on their open website .
This is not an ordinary lifestyle page, but more of a forum where the hosts and guests share ideas and experiences (including the occasional quirky one) about the food, the fresh ingredients, the rich aromas and vibrant colours that Cyprus nature has to offer.
Thomas and Ioanna Peccini met in the U.S. and started a family that has since moved to Cyprus and grown, having parented four boys that would make any “yiayia” proud. That’s why the website says it is “at home with a big family on a small island.”
Both take time out from teaching the Italian language and culture to tell the world how they do things in their home, illustrated with photographs that guide visitors from laying out the Easter table to how to chop onions or set a week-long menu or kitchen schedule. They welcome comments and value the suggestions of visitors as much as they would their own, thanks to their facebook page , while Thomas also ‘tweets’ with the handle cerinesdotcom.
The high quality photography is worthy of any gourmet or travel magazine as the hosts, who plan to start various offshoots such as a ‘supper club’ or letting a B’n’B room, have captured the essence of the harsh and earth-tone colours of this land in every image, that is also transmitted through Intagram.
The family shares its experiences with recipes, “how to” tips and other practical suggestions around the house, such as organising a birthday bash for a teenage boy or baking cakes, large and small.
Oh, and by the way, the name for their home ‘Cerines’ comes from a Venetian variation of the harbour town of Kyrenia, from where Ioanna has her roots.