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Over 50% of Cypriots never exercises

24 March, 2014

Eurobarometer survey shows 

A Eurobarometer survey the results of which were released on Monday shows that 54% of Cypriots respondents say they never exercise.

The percentage goes up to 64% when the participants who replied “seldom” are added.
The average EU28 “never” replies stood at 42% while if the “seldom” replies are added the pan-European average comes to 59%.

Cypriot women who replied that they never or seldom exercise reach an astounding 72% compared to 57% for men.
Younger men, aged between 15 and 24 appear to be more energetic, with a mere 28% say the seldom or never exercise. The percentages go up in the age group 25 – 39 (49%) and even further in the next two age groups with men between the age of 40 – 54 seldom or never exercising by 65% and men over 55 replying in the great majority (77%) that they never or seldom exercise.

On the other hand age does not seem to play a catalytic role in whether Cypriot women exercise or not, since respondents who seldom or never exercise start at 63% in women aged 15 – 24, continue with 71% in the age group of 25 – 39, 72% in the age group 40 – 54 and 77% for over 55s.