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Cyprus tourist arrivals up in February

19 March, 2014

Tourists arrivals to Cyprus in February were up by 6.9%, compared with the same month last year, according to the Statistical Service Cystat.
The Passengers Survey found that tourist arrivals reached 45,227 in last month compared with 42,327 in February 2013.
There was a 6.2% in tourist arrivals from the U.K. (from 15,232 in February 2013 to 16,172 in February 2014), but a decrease of 4.4% in arrivals from Greece (6,254 in February 2014 from 6,540) and a 0.3% decrease from Russia (4,084 compared to 4,098 last year).
For the two-month period January to February tourist arrivals totalled 85,903 compared to 84,613 in the same period of 2013, up 1.5%.
The survey also found that 70,209 residents of Cyprus returned from a trip abroad in February 2014 compared to 60,076 in the same month last year, up 16.9%, with an increase of 23.5% of trips to Greece (from 18,999 in February 2013 to 23,465 in February 2014) and a 13.8% increase to the U.K. (from 16,292 to 18,547 this year).