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Dynamic presence of Dro.Me.A. at the Limassol Marathon

19 March, 2014

The Dro.Me.A. Racing running team had a dynamic presence in all events at the 2014 Limassol Marathon, while many runners beat their personal best times.

In the Marathon race, Dro.Me.A. Racing’s (and GSP’s) elite runner, Kassahun Jebel finished 3rd in the international category and 1st in the national championships, at 2H 38’26’’. Despite a very challenging race day, Jebel made an exceptional effort to overcome his pains and aches in order to finish 3rd while he underwent medical care following the event due to exhaustion. At the same event, Dro.Me.A. Racing’s (and GSO’s) athlete, Charalambos Ioannou finished 6th in the international category and 2nd in the national championships at 2H 48’37’’.

Dro.Me.A. Racing’s runners attained notable achievements in the half-marathon as well. In the women’s event, Elpida Christodoulidou (also of GSP), Zarina Mentayeva and Elia Ioannou (also of GSP) placed 4th (in 1H 27’38’’), 5th (in 1H 27’47’’) and 9th (in 1H 33’51’’), respectively. Furthermore, in the men’s event, David Branfoot finished 5th at an exceptional time of 1H 13’35’’.

Dro.Me.A. Racing’s president, Stelios Ioannou, congratulated the club’s runners who excelled, while stressing the remarkable participation of the team’s runners in the Marathon, half-marathon, 10 km, 5 km and 1 km children’s race. ‘We are delighted to see that the training offered by our club generates such results and has a positive impact in attracting new runners of all levels and all ages,’ Ioannou said. ‘It is a great pleasure see our runners participate and enjoy running events while at the same time reaching their individual goals. More importantly, we need to congratulate, once more, our young runners who took part in the 1000 meters, thus, promoting the message that sport is a source of health, happiness and entertainment. Finally, I would like to emphasise that the work done in our academies in Limassol is exceptional and the children really have made an impact with their participation in Limassol.’
The club would like to express its gratitude to the sponsors of Dro.Me.A. Racing who supported the participation of the team in Limassol: The Ice Power Cold Gel, Becel Pro.Activ and Webarts.

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