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Commissioner launches “Let’s do it Cyprus” clean-up campaign

13 March, 2014

Environment Commissioner Ioanna Panayiotou has launched "Let’s do it Cyprus" to be held on April 6 as part of a global campaign to clean up the environment.
The Commissioner explained that the Cyprus campaign is part of the “Let’s do it World!” effort that aims to collect rubbish in the largest volunteer programme that started in Estonia in 2008 with 50,000 volunteers cleaning up 10,000 tons of trash from the streets, forests, beaches and cities in just five hours.
Panayiotou said that more than 100 countries are now participating in the campaign, including Cyprus.
“Let’s do it Cyprus!” joined the effort in September 2012, with 4,000 volunteers who collected 20 tonnes of garbage.
Unfortunately, she said, Cyprus is considered a country full of trash while Cypriots produce two pounds of garbage a day, placing Cyprus in the first position regarding the per capita waste generation in the EU annual production per person amounts to 691 kg (2010 data).
So far, she said, 90 municipalities and communities, 51 organisations and 16 government departments, including the presidency and the Ministry of Defence, have registered.
The number of volunteers who have signed up so far is 3000.