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Beginning of flights by Qatar Airways, extremely important for Cyprus

12 March, 2014

Says Communications Minister
The launching of direct flights by Qatar Airways to Larnaka, as of April 29, is extremely important for Cyprus and its tourism, said Communications and Works Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos.

Speaking to the press Wednesday, the Minister said that Qatar Airways aircrafts will be landing in Cyprus and then they will have the possibility to travel to other European destinations. According to the Minister, Cyprus Airways will also be traveling to Doha and then the airplanes will move on to other destinations. He said that this improves Cyprus’ connectivity, pointing out that all the destinations in Greece have been exempted from the agreement in order to protect Cyprus Airways’ interests.

Mitsopoulos also said that the agreement signed between the two countries allows for another airline from Qatar to land in Cyprus and then fly to other destinations solely for trade purposes and cargo transfers.

There will also be flights of “code sharing agreements” with Qatar Airways, meaning that Cyprus Airways codes will be used for flights in destinations that the company does not fly, like China, Japan, Australia and Thailand.

The Minister described this as extremely important for the promotion of Cyprus as a tourist destination, explaining that Cyprus will be present and advertised in destinations where Cyprus airlines do not fly.

Mitsopoulos said that the whole agreement will allow for new jobs to open as Qatar Airways will open new offices in Cyprus and will hire personnel.