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140 drug-related deaths were recorded in Cyprus since 2004

07 March, 2014

A hundred and forty drug-related deaths were recorded in Cyprus since 2004, according to data by the national documentation and information center on drugs.

Justice Minister Ionas Nicoalou said on Thursday that data show that from 287 people arrested in 2013 in relation to addictive substances, 276 were men and 11 were women. From them, 53 were pupils, 40 were students, 52 were soldiers, 64 were employed and 78 were unemployed.
The most widely used substance last year in Cyprus was cannabis.

Addressing an event on dealing with drugs through sports, the Minister said that the Drug Law Enforcement Unit of the Cyprus Police handled in 2013, 410 cases of addicted people, with 296 of them belonging to the 18-24 years age group.
Moreover, Nicolaou noted that 516 people were referred to treatment facilities.

The overall number of cases in connection to addictive substances was 1,001, involving 1,165 people, of which 897 were Cypriots and 268 other citizens.
The Minister said that both the state and the society had an “inalienable duty” to protect the young generation from addictive substances.

He referred to government efforts to improve prevention policies, treatment facilities and social integration practices for addicted people, while noting increased cooperation with the Police, Customs authorities and the judiciary to combat drug smuggling.