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Golf Channel to promote Cyprus as a golf tourism destination

06 March, 2014

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has welcomed to Cyprus the Golf Channel TV Crew - Central Europe and a team of golfers who visited the island for the production of a promotional program for Cyprus as a Golf Destination.
The Golf Channel visit was supported by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the golf courses Aphrodite Hills, Elèa, Minthis Hills and Secret Valley and the hotels InterContinental Aphrodite Hills Resort, and Alexander the Great. During their visit, the Golf Channel Team had the opportunity to film the golf courses and the island’s attractions as well as experience the Cypriot hospitality.
Cyprus is an ideal Golf Tourism Destination, especially during the winter months when golfers from Central and Northern Europe travel to tourist destinations which have a mild climate.
The Golf Channel Team has expressed their gratitude and interest to promote Cyprus as an attractive Golf Tourism Destination in 5 programs on Golf Channel in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.