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Cyprus to host third Energy Symposium

06 March, 2014

The Role of Cyprus in the New European Energy Strategy will be at the focus of the 3rd Cyprus Energy Symposium which will take place on March 27 -28, 2014 in Nicosia.

Speaking at a press conference, CEO of Financial Media Way Iosif Iosif said that the Symposium will cover a wide range of issues relating to the energy sector, such as the energy strategy in the field of research and exploitation of hydrocarbons, the oil and natural gas market, electricity market , renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The Symposium is organized for the 3rd consecutive year by the Institute of Energy for SE Europe (IENE), in co -operation with the Cyprus-based media company FMW -Financial Media Way.

The event will be held under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) and with the participation of several energy organisations and companies active in the broader area and in the presence of political leaders , academics , experts and entrepreneurs.

The agenda of the Symposium will include the following: The new energy strategy of Cyprus within the framework of EU’s New 2030 targets, the outlook for natural gas exploration and production in Cyprus, the new

energy mix and the geopolitical implications for the region, presentations by companies that have obtained exploration licenses in the blocks of the Cypriot EEZ, the electricity market in Cyprus and international interconnections, and RES, co-generation and energy efficiency in Cyprus.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the political parties will speak at the official Symposium dinner on the first day, March 27

while the agenda of the second day (March 28) will cover all latest developments at technical and financial level.

Apart from the President of the Republic of Cyprus, the leaders of Cypriot political parties, ministers from the governments of Cyprus, Israel and Greece,

representatives from public and private companies and organizations from

the above three countries, academics and professionals from the energy field are expected to attend and speak at the 3rd Cyprus Energy Symposium.

More than 25 speakers and panellists are expected to participate and cover a wide range of topics on energy resources and applications.