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Cyprus tourism revenue up 8% in 2013

04 March, 2014

Revenue from tourism recorded a significant rise of 8% or €154.7 mln in the year 2013, reaching €2,082.4 mln, from €1,927.7 mln in 2012, according to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, despite a fall in arrivals.
In December 2013, revenue from tourism reached €37.6 mln, compared to €41.6 mln during the same month in 2012, recording a drop of 9.6%.
Tourist arrivals in 2013 had recorded a drop of 2.4%, reaching 2,405,390 from 2,464,908 arrivals in 2012.
Furthermore, the average length of stay of tourists in December 2013 increased by 11.3 days, compared to 10.7 days in the same month of 2012.
The total per capita expenditure dropped in December 2013 to €686.3, compared to €759.3 in December 2012. The total per diem expenditure dropped to €60.7 from €71.0 in December 2012.
The longest stays in Cyprus in December 2013 were recorded by tourists from Finland with 31.7 days, followed by the USA with 16.2 days and Norway with 15.6 days.
The highest per capita expenditure was from tourists from the USA with €1,448.2, followed by tourists from Norway with €1,087.5 and Switzerland with €973.5. The lowest per capita expenditure was by tourists from Denmark with €298.2, Finland with €360.0 and Greece with €372.1.
The highest per diem expenditure in December 2013 was recorded by tourists from Denmark with €149.1, Israel €106.9 and the USA €89.5, while the lowest by tourists from Finland with €11.4, Greece €36.7 and The Netherlands €47.5.